Fecha límite de aplicación para la vacante 28 Mayo 2020 - 11pm




Prepare the selection process announcement and the invitation to participate.

April 23, 2020.

Announcement Launch

April 24, 2020.

Presentation of resumes (closing date).

April 28, 2020. Until 05:00 p.m.

Verification of requirements and internal selection procedure

April 29, 2020.

Subscription and legalization of the contract.

Within four (4) business days following the selection.



Support positioning for the upcoming USAID/ Colombia “Youth Resilience Activity” with assumptions that are in alignment with intelligence gathered on USAID priorities in-country (and in the region when relevant), of according to the indications given by the technical team of the United States and the program team based in Colombia.





a. To contribute to the technical design discussion and decision making for concept note stage of the Colombia YRA opportunity

b. To facilitate knowledge sharing and discussions in Colombia between SC and partner staff, and create opportunities for Colombia-based staff to meaningfully contribute to the technical design and workplans 

c. To provide recommendations informed by relevant Colombia-based context and resources

d. The consultant will work closely with the US-based and Colombia-based proposal development team to support a competitive bid for the upcoming USAID/ Colombia “Youth Resilience Activity.” The consultant will report to the proposal technical lead (Shana Peiffer). All written documents will be in Times New Roman 12-point font, letter size, with normal 1-inch margins and single size spacing.

e. Specifically, the consultant will spend a maximum of 14 days level of effort (LOE) to complete the following:






Update analysis based on the RFA language, citations, requirements, etc (due May 1)


Updated written recommendations for preferred tools and strategies (with links or copies whenever possible)

2 days


Detailed activities:


Review and update key points from relevant USAID technical policies and strategy documents in the RFA annexes against the RFA results framework and illustrative activities


Review and update key points from relevant USAID project documents in the LAC region against the RFA results framework and illustrative activities


Lead local information gathering and analysis based on the RFA requirements (due May 4)


Case study background sheet completed

3 days

Detailed activities include:


Develop local information gathering plan to inform case study requirements


Conduct information gathering for selected municipality 


Coordinate and facilitate any meetings and homework inputs with Colombia-based teams


Contribute to remote case study workshop sessions (ongoing, due May 8)


Assigned sessions faciliated


Written inputs pending session next steps

5 days

Detailed activities:


Planning and debrief calls with Technical Lead and Proposal Director


Lead and/ or co-lead workshop sessions


Coordinate and facilitate any offline discussions and homework inputs with Colombia-based teams


Review case study analysis, illustrative approaches, and high-level workplan


Participate in blue team review (due May 11)


Written feedback on blue team draft

1 day

Detailed activities:


Review blue team draft


Post-blue team draft call to assess feedback and next steps with Technical Lead and Proposal Director


Coordinate and support revisions and additional information gathering (ongoing, due May 19)


Writing inputs required based on the blue team review


Updates from in-country discussions and meetings

3 days

Detailed activities:


Support post-blue team draft next steps with Colombia-based teams



A. The candidate interested in running must meet the following requirements:

3.1 A Master’s degree in a relevant field (development studies, international relations, youth engagement and resilience, economics, conflict, etc.) combined with at least 7 years of progressively responsible experience leading and implementing international development programs.

3.2 Specific technical expertise in protection of youth engagement and resilience.

3.3 Ability and willingness to travel frequently.

3.4 Excellent written communication and presentation skills in Spanish and English.

The interested candidate must submit the documentation detailed below:




1) Technical and economic proposal.

2) Letter of introduction where the candidate must expressly state:

a) That you authorize Save the Children Colombia to verify all the information included in your proposal.

b) That you accept and will comply The Terms of Reference (this document).

that you accept and will comply with Save the Children's internal policies on: i) Protection of children and its annex; ii) Against fraud, bribery and corruption; iii) Trafficking in persons and modern slavery; and iv) Code of Conduct (Annex No. 1).

c) Express manifestation of the absence of conflict of interests, disabilities or incompatibilities of the candidate with the call and / or the Save the Children Colombia Foundation.

3) Resume of the candidate and certifications that accredit studies and professional experience that in accordance with this numeral (literal A).

4) Attach Updated Single Tax Registry (from 2019 onwards).

5) Photocopy of the identity document.

6) Certificate of judicial, disciplinary and fiscal background of the candidate and legal representative, certificates issued by the National Police of Colombia, Office of the Attorney General, and the Comptroller General of the Republic, dated no earlier than 30 days after the presentation of the proposal.

7) Last payment of integral social security.

8) Bank Certification.


Note 1: The attached resume and documentation must be sent by magnetic means, to the email [email protected] of the Save the Children Colombia Foundation, according to the requirements and order established here and within the deadline determined in the schedule - Table No. 1 of this document, with the following subject: “SENIOR STRATEGIC ANALYST”.

Note 2: With the presentation to participate in this call, Save the Children is authorized to verify the personal information provided, as well as to make use of the personal data for the purpose of verification in public and private databases related to our policies against fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. The data used will be those indicated in the citizenship card issued.

Note 3: In any case, the candidate must not be involved in the prohibitions, disabilities or incompatibilities to contract, indicated by the constitution and the Law, a statement which is understood to be made under the gravity of the oath with the sole filing of the proposal.



In case of doubts or concerns, in the content of the terms of reference, inquiries may be made to the email: [email protected].


The response will be given by written communication sent by email. Save the Children may modify the terms of reference through an addition, until the deadline for submitting the proposal expires.



It will be a reason to reject or exclude the resume:

a) When the candidate is involved in any cause of disability or incompatibility or conflicts of interest to sign contracts with the Save the Children Foundation;

b) Failure to comply with the essential and / or legal requirements;



The process will be declared void, in the following cases:

a) That once published the terms of reference, no resume is received.

b) When none of the submitted resumes comply with the request within the terms of reference.



Any candidate must confirm in a written document, which must be provided in the support of the proposal:

a) That he has no knowledge of any connection between him or any of his directors or senior management and the directors and staff of SAVE THE CHILDREN that may affect the outcome of the selection process. If there are such connections, the candidate must make them known.

b) Whether or not there are contacts between SAVE THE CHILDREN or any other Save the Children entity and them, and if any arrangement has been implemented during the last twenty-four (24) months.

c) That you have not communicated to anyone other than SAVE THE CHILDREN the approximate amount or amount of the offer.

d) That it has not offered, will not offer, will not pay, nor will it give any sum of money, commissions, gifts, incentives or other financial benefits, directly or indirectly, to any person for doing or omitting any act in relation to the bidding process.



The formalization of the contract will be done through a consulting contract signed by the parties, in accordance with current Colombian civil and / or commercial regulations.




The contract will be executed in the city of Bogotá D.C.


The term of execution of the contract will be from the subscription of the contract and until the twenty (20) of May of 2020.



The supervision of the contract signed on the occasion of this selection process will be carried out by the Director Proposal Development, Save the Children U.S.A and National Director of new Business Development and Quality (PDQ), Save the Children Colombia).





The value of the contract will be determined during the interview with the candidate.


The payment will be made in accordance with the delivery of the work plan agreed with the contract supervisor, as well as the delivery and approval of the products agreed in the work plan (point number two of this document)


FIRST PARAGRAPH: For the payment THE CONSULTANT must deliver: (i) collection account or invoice, (ii) proof or certification of payment of contributions to comprehensive social security (health, pension and ARL) with a minimum IBC of 40% of the total value of the contract, (iii) received to satisfaction given by the contract supervisor.

- THE CONSULTANT must contribute to the comprehensive social security system (health, pension and ARL) in the percentages of the law, providing the paid form.

- SAVE THE CHILDREN COLOMBIA FOUNDATION will verify the affiliation and payment of contributions to the general social security system of EL CONSULTOR (health, pensions and occupational risks), in accordance with the regulations in force during the execution of the contract.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: Payment will be made within thirty (30) days following the presentation of the corresponding collection or invoice account with the fulfillment of the legal requirements and with the presentation of the corresponding supports, prior approval of the supervisor of the contract.

- It will be understood that the payment has not been filed if the invoice does not comply with the aforementioned documentation.

- On this value Save the Children will apply the applicable law discounts according to the regime and the classification in the single tax register - RUT.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: If the invoice has not been correctly prepared, or the documents requested in this clause are not attached, the term for payment will only start counting from the date they are submitted in due form. The delays presented by these concepts will be the responsibility of THE CONSULTANT, and will not therefore be entitled to interest payments or compensation of any nature.



The Consultant will guarantee to be affiliated with the Social Security system that includes health, pension, and professional risks according to the social security law, which must be certified before the Contracting Party.

FIRST PARAGRAPH: The Consultant undertakes to make the social security payment of the fees for the corresponding period, on a minimum contribution basis of forty percent (40%) of the monthly value, without this being less than one (1) SMMLV, and without this generating any type of employment relationship.



To guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations acquired in the contract that is signed, the selected CONSULTANT must be responsible, before an insurance company legally authorized to operate in Colombia and in favor of FUNDACIÓN SAVE THE CHILDREN COLOMBIA a guarantee with the following protections:


• COMPLIANCE: for 30% of the value of the contract, with a term for the term of the contract and three (3) more months.

• ADVANCE: for 100% of the total value drawn as an advance, with validity equal to the duration of the contract. 


The policies must be constituted and delivered to the Human Talent area, for approval, within three (3) days after the contract is signed.


In the manner authorized by article 20 of Law 23 of 1982, SAVE THE CHILDREN will be the owner of all economic rights over the object of the contract to the extent necessary for the exercise of its usual activities at the time of creation of the work and they will have the right to publish it, disseminate it or make it known to third parties, free or onerous, without prejudice to the moral rights that the provider will retain. Therefore, the reports, texts, studies, analysis, evaluations, videos and in general any other type of document or knowledge that is produced in development of the object of the contract signed for this project, are considered the property of SAVE THE CHILDREN, in the necessary measure for the exercise of their habitual activities at the time of creation of the work, which may freely dispose of them, in accordance with article 20 of Law 23 of 1982 that refers to the works on request, without exceeding the scope of the presumption established in the aforementioned legal provision.


FIRST PARAGRAPH. In the case of productions to be published and communicative pieces to be disseminated, the supplier must comply with the technical recommendations made by the CONTRACTING team and deliver all the originals of the works, prior receipt to the satisfaction of all products. It is not possible to publish or disseminate the productions provided under the contract without the approval of the supervisor.


SECOND PARAGRAPH. If during the execution of the Contract, any of the parties uses other works of third parties, such as texts, photographs, phonograms, technical models, among other creations protected by copyright, the party that uses them guarantees that it has the corresponding authorizations, exonerating the other from any responsibility.



THE CANDIDATE undertakes NOT to disclose the confidential information that comes to its knowledge due to the contracted service. The parties will maintain the confidentiality of the data and information exchanged between them, including copyrighted information, patents, techniques, models, inventions, know-how, processes, programs, executables, investigations, design details, financial information, list of clients, donors, investors, employees, business and contractual relationships, project implementation, marketing plans and any information disclosed about third parties, as well as information about projects, results and sensitive information. The corresponding receiving party may only disclose confidential information to those who need it and are previously authorized by the party whose confidential information it is. The parties undertake to fully comply with the legal provisions for the protection of personal data. Violation of this obligation will cause the candidate to incur the corresponding legal sanctions. The confidentiality of the information will remain in force according to the legal parameters regardless of the validity of the contract.


FIRST PARAGRAPH: Confidential information is considered: a) That which, as a whole or by the exact configuration or structuring of its components, is not generally known among experts in the corresponding fields. b) That which is not easily accessible, and c) That information that is not subject to reasonable protection measures, in accordance with the circumstances of the case, in order to maintain its confidentiality. It is necessary to highlight that due care, reservation and custody of sensitive information and personal data of the participants and beneficiaries of the project will be taken.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: There will be no duty of confidentiality in the following cases: a) When the receiving party has evidence that it previously knows the information received; b) When the information received is in the public domain and, c) When the information is no longer confidential because it is disclosed by the owner.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: It is necessary to highlight that due care, reservation and custody of the information, sensitive data and personal data of the participants and beneficiaries of the project will be taken.

FOURTH PARAGRAPH: In compliance with the contractual purpose, the particular provisions for the protection of personal data and personal information contained in Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, taking into account the definitions, treatment and legal protection, as well as the other regulatory decrees applicable to the matter.

FIFTH PARAGRAPH: The supplier, when executing the contract, must keep the record of the authorization given by the owner of the information whenever it is required and is not in one of the cases of express exception of Article 10 of Law 1581 of 2012.



The assignment of this contract is prohibited, as is the delegation of obligations (unless there is written authorization from SAVE THE CHILDREN), in which case it will result in the unilateral termination of the contract.



SAVE THE CHILDREN COLOMBIA may terminate this contract by expiration of the agreed term or at any time, in advance or unilaterally, when any of the following causes are configured: A) IN ANTICIPATED WAY: 1. For compliance with the contractual object before of the termination date. 2. Due to the exhaustion of the resources available for the project. 3. By mutual agreement between the parties. 4. When the demands of the service require it or the public order situation imposes it. PARAGRAPH: In the event of early termination, the contract will be settled according to the activities and products executed and delivered, determining if there is a place for proportional payment as agreed. B) UNILATERALLY BY THE CONTRACTOR: 1. By dissolution and / or liquidation of the CONSULTANT. 2. For partial or total breach of the scope of the services and / or obligations established in the contract, when it is not remedied within the first 5 days to inform the situations that constitute the partial or total breach. 3. For breach of the assignment clause and / or delegation of obligations. 4. When THE CONSULTANT refrains from informing THE SAVE THE CHILDREN COLOMBIA FOUNDATION about disabilities, incompatibilities or conflicts of interest arising during the execution of the contract. For all intents and purposes, the declaration of unilateral termination in accordance with the grounds established in numerals 2, 3 and 4 shall constitute the incident of non-compliance.



Disputes or differences that may arise on the occasion of this contract will be submitted to a direct agreement or agreement between the parties, which must be made within a term not exceeding three (03) months, after the occurrence of the dispute.




THE CANDIDATE expressly states that through the Contract that is signed, it is civilly linked to THE CONTRACTING PARTY and, therefore, its intention to be bound to comply with the management agreed in the contract is limited to the fulfillment of the work contracted autonomously, independently and with its own means, without legal subordination, or labor dependence with respect to THE CONTRACTOR, which excludes the development of an employment contract and / or labor relationship between the parties.


FIRST PARAGRAPH: The labor or contractual relations that the parties have had prior to the signing of the service provision contract are completely independent of this contract; They are not related to this and do not imply any continuity.